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About izzyA's

About Chef Tina Tina in our truck

Tina Tankka, frozen custard maker, has put flavors together all her life. Originally from New York City, she was the proud owner of a small catering business, specializing in hand held savory treats, mini gourmet sandwiches and tartlets and custard cups. Tina was happiest making the sweets!

She was first introduced to frozen custard by her husband. Every time after having come back from a visit to Milwaukee, where Tom grew up and where custard is king, they would say how the palates in California would die for the creamy richness of frozen custard. It is the perfect palette for the food artisan to mix and match flavors. Onward to ice cream school. Tina visits Pennsylvania and enrolls in the Penn State Ice Cream Short Course now celebrating its 125th anniversary and another course at Stoelting in Wisconsin.

Taking it to new levels using honest ingredients and the bounty and variety of fresh fruit available in California, Tina and Tom bring you a taste of the past. "The most rewarding part of the journey is conjuring up flavor combinations, experimenting in the test kitchen and then having the final custard ribbon flow out of the Stoelting with the perfect bend, the right creaminess and the most outstanding taste experience."


About frozen custard

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Frozen Custard is the outlier product in the frozen dessert section. It is like no other ice cream you've ever had - rich, creamy and dense with little air incorporated. Ingredients must include at least 10% milk fat and 1.4% egg yolk solids. The overrun, or air, incorporated into frozen custard, through agitation in a batch freezer, cannot exceed 15-30%. Anything over that amount will turn the product into ice cream. As a result frozen custard is fuller bodied than ice cream, delivering flavors and textures that ice cream cannot achieve.

At izzyA’s we use the Stoelting batch freezer from Kiel, Wisconsin and Petaluma, California’s Straus Organic Ice Cream base as companions to our product. We purchase our basic ingredients from old San Francisco stalwarts Guittard Chocolate and Giusto’s Flours.


Most importantly…… our name

Tom and Tina named their food truck after their two daughters. izzy for Isabelle and A for Alex. Their support and rallying cheers were the backbone to the journey towards izzyA’s.



Once upon a time there was ice cream and then... there was frozen custard!

What is frozen custard?

Made with heavy cream, whole milk, egg yolks and sugar, frozen custard is as close to home as a baby cow's moo. Change it up with pure extracts, the sweetest California fruit, aromatic herbs and voila! Rich and creamy, old-fashioned pudding disguised as ice cream. First introduced in Coney Island, New York in 1919, it made its way to the Midwest and stopped. Until now.

izzyA's Frozen Ice Cream Custard is made with the purest ingredients possible.

We try our hardest to search out organic, local, seasonal, pesticide free ingredients. Eaten fresh, we scoop our custard as the ribbon is falling into the bucket. Bring a friend because every mouthful is a party!

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